Can I apply?

Why not try our interactive Eligibility Checker to help you work out if you could apply for a Connection Voucher?

Connection Vouchers are available to you if

You are located in an eligible area in one of the cities taking part in the scheme – see the list on the right
You are a SME (Small or Medium Enterprise), Charity or Social Enterprise
Your connection will cost over £250 – if it is less than that we can’t offer you a Voucher
You are asking for a connection to your business premises. If your main work base is at home you can have a connection there, but not if you just work from home occasionally
You are willing to sign up for a minimum 6 month contract with your supplier
You select a service that delivers a speed or performance improvement – there are some detailed requirements on speed that you should check before applying
You have not received more than approx £120k in grants in the last three years
Please also see your city’s page to check for local eligibility rules. Each city has local guidance and terms and conditions that you need to read as part of the application process. If your city isn’t offering vouchers yet, you can Register Your Interest by clicking here.

If you are successful in being awarded a Connection Voucher we will ask you to sign up to those terms and conditions, so it is important that you understand all the information before you apply.

Need more help with choosing a connection? Try our Broadband Guide to help explain some of the jargon. Would you like suppliers to contact you? Try our Contact Me form.