Broadband Guide

If you have not had experience of buying high speed/high grade broadband before, some of the terminology may be unfamiliar to you. We have prepared a short guide to help you to understand:

What the differences are between some of the types of service you will be offered
How to work out what it is your business needs from your connection
Once you have a better idea what kind of service you would like, you can search the list of registered suppliers for companies in your city that offer that service. Each supplier has listed the services they offer to make it easier to select the ones to contact.

If you would like suppliers to contact you with suggestions of the services they could offer, please use the ‘Contact Me’ form. All registered suppliers to the scheme will be sent your request for information.

It may be that the exact service you want is not currently available where your business is located. There will normally be several technical ways by which the service you are looking for can be delivered, so why not look to see if other suppliers could provide the service in a different way.

Things are changing all the time as suppliers roll out services across cities, so if you can’t find what you need right now, check again later to see if the service has become available.

The Connection Vouchers Scheme is not able to recommend any particular technical solution or supplier. Please read the suppliers section of the website for more information on who can join the list of Registered Suppliers.

Suppliers themselves are also an invaluable source of information on alternative solutions. In addition, in some of the SuperConnected Cities there are advisors who can help you to consider the business needs that a new connection could help you to meet – check with your City to see if this is available to you.