Choosing a Supplier

f you have not yet chosen a supplier, this information may help you to select a provider for your fast broadband service in your city. We’ve started to publish lists of who is winning the most vouchers – top suppliers.

Broadband suppliers are asked to register with the scheme so that you can find providers who offer a service in your city. Check the list on the right of the page under ‘Who provides the connection?’. There is a national search page where you can enter your requirements. You can search for a supplier by name or by the service that they offer in your city. Some suppliers work across all cities, some only in one city.

Or choose your city on the right of the page to see a simple list of who is available in your area – all local suppliers are shown in a list.

You must use a registered supplier – if the supplier you want to use isn’t listed, ask them to sign up through this website. We can’t recommend any particular supplier to you. You need to do your research and choose a supplier independently. If you need some help with what all the jargon means, you can read a Broadband Guide that also links to other sources of advice and guidance.

Would you like suppliers to contact you? Use our Contact Me form.

You only need to send us one quote as part of the application process, although you may want to talk to a number of suppliers. When you talk to suppliers, make sure that you’re comparing like for like services in terms of speeds and the support they offer, even if the technologies are different.You are not obliged to take the cheapest quote you can find, you should take the quote that you consider best meets your business needs.

If you are a potential supplier, please use link here to register. Once you are registered, you can access the secure area of the website which has more information for suppliers.